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Spa-ing Bout

Check into the Peninsula for a stress-busting retreat at th brand new ESPA spa.

Rubbed the Right Way

Go for a deep-tissue Chinese massage and get the blood circulating.

Breath of Fresh Air

Enjoy the buzz at Oxyvital’s Central “oxygen bar”.

In a Lather

A Shanghai-style shave at the Mandarin Oriental will leave your face feeling like a baby’s bottom.

Love Potion No. 9

Boost your staying power with a tonic drink from one of the many kerbside Chinese medicine shops.

Geomancing the Stone

Make sure your house and garden are in tune with the elements with a private feng shui consultation.

Pins and Needles

Loosen up with an acupuncture session.


Splash out at the Grand Hyatt’s 11th-floor spa with outdoor pool.

Put Your Feet Up

Fans rave about the traditional Shanghai pedicure at the Mandarin Oriental.

The Doctor Is In

Try some alternative medicine from a traditional Chinese doctor.