Xian Travel Guide

Xi'an is the capital city with the most dynasties and the greatest influence in Chinese history. In the Records of the Grand Historian, it is known as the "Golden City with a Thousand Miles, Land of Abundance". The scenic spots in Xi'an are mostly historical sites, and the ancient city walls, the Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Bell (Drum) Tower in the urban area cannot be missed.

Xian Travel Guide

A historic city
Xi'an, formerly known as "Chang'an", is located in central and western China and is the capital of Shaanxi Province. This city, which has experienced the rise and fall of 13 dynasties, is like a huge museum. Whether it is the Terra Cotta Warriors, one of the eight wonders of the world, the ancient city wall, or the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which once housed the Indian scriptures, all the bricks and tiles left by the ancients reveal the history.
Food City
Xi'an has always had famous chefs who have served high-ranking officials and have been passed down, forming a unique Northwest flavor. The most representative food here is all kinds of snacks, such as steamed buns with meat in wax sauce, Liangpi, Pita bread soaked in Lamb Soup, and saozi noodles. From morning till night, there is a constant flow of century old and emerging snack shops, where tourists and locals from all over enjoy themselves.
mount hua 
Huashan, located 120 kilometers east of Xi'an, is known as the "most dangerous mountain in the world". The "danger" of Mount Hua can be traced in the poetry and paintings of literati and literati from ancient and modern times, with strange stones like axes and ladders almost vertical. Once the decision is made to climb Mount Hua, there is no turning back, hence the saying "since ancient times, there has been only one path to Mount Hua.". Starting from Xi'an, in 1-2 days, you can experience the steepness and steepness of Mount Hua.
Folk customs
The long history has created a rich cultural heritage, and Xi'an's folk art is also a brilliant intangible cultural heritage. At the foot of the wall, there is the Qin Opera Opera Society organized by the old men spontaneously, hearing the most original Qin Opera Opera; In the crosstalk garden, locals tell you what Xi'an is in their eyes; The theater is performing Tang style songs and dances, replicating the prosperous era of the Tang Dynasty that this land once experienced.

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